Jennifer’s FAQ’s

or as I like to say . . . ask me

 Here are my answers to some commonly asked questions:

Q.  Where do you get your ideas?

A.  I find ideas from news stories I see on television, something I read online or elsewhere, a quote, songs, others conversations (yes, I eavesdrop. I try not to, but . . .), sometimes after looking at a picture, or any combination of these. The tough part is developing them into a full-length story.  There are times I need to put my ideas aside until they get feet of their own.

Q.  Did you always want to be a writer?

A.  Although I used to make up stories all the time, I hadn’t thought of writing as a profession until later in life. It’s only been the last several years that I decided to make this my career. Having said this, it’s hard work. Anyone can call themselves a writer, and put their book on the Internet for sale, but that doesn’t mean the books are good. They should be beta read, edited, formatted, and thoroughly reviewed before sending them out to the general public. Instant success is very rare, and most authors need to work a second job to help pay their bills. Even knowing these odds, I love creating stories and hope to keep writing a long, long time.

Q. Where did you get the pictures for your website?

A.  These are all pictures that I’ve taken or created. Sure, there are online sites to download free pictures, but I think mine add that personal touch that I enjoy sharing with my readers. If you wish to use any, I’d like to ask that you refer to my copyright notice in the bottom right corner of the page.

Q.  Will you read my manuscript?

A.  Sorry, no. I’m not an editor and I wouldn’t always give the right advice. Also, I don’t even know when I’d have the time, and I’m pretty sure you’d want it back within a year.

Q. I heard you write poetry? Where can we see these?

A.  I have written ‘some’ poetry. Believe it or not, I find writing poetry much harder than writing fiction, and I’ve even taken a few creative poetry classes. My favorite was a political poetry class that had us putting words together so our poems didn’t sound like a rant. I received an A for the class, and I love my poems, but I’m not sure I’m ready to show these to the world just yet.

*Got a question? Send it my way (jperkins@authorjperkins.com) and you might see it right here!

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